True love bears the most pain

A poem of a boy who has always been told by his mother that he doesn't know what love is but is then asked if he loves her. The son says he knows more about love than she thinks and gives a brief description of the hardships she had before and after child birth and her love for him.He concludes by saying he loves his mother

I don't know what love means.

thats what I've been told.

Yet she says she loves me

and asks if i love her.

I find this rather puzzling.

If i don't know love by definition

how can I love her in return.

This is my excuse


But in reality I know more  than she knows

I know of a woman.

Who gave it all for her first love.

She gave up school,her goals,her dreams.


I know of a woman.

who can never fall asleep when she knows her love is not home

and will spent nights awake

if it will bring him back again.


I know of a woman

who spent 3/4 of the year

burdened and in pain to ensure the existence of her love

and spent the next decade and seven taking care of him.


And I love this woman.

more than she knows.



The End

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