True Love

I have thought that is there!

There when I sleep;

There when I eat;

There when I wake up;

There when I breathe!


It is a thought that is neither solid nor liquid;

It is not conscience or sub-conscience;

It is not temperate, nor is it everlasting;

It has no life but it is not dead;

It is meaningful and has no meaning;

It never comes and it never leaves;

It is constant like a heartbeat;

An unbroken melody of infinite cause.


So ask me

What is this thought?

Is it a happy thought?

Is it a sad thought?

A thought of heartbreak?

Perhaps a thought of anger?

Or even a thought of pain?

Maybe even one of love?


If it is a happy thought what makes it happy?

If it is a sad thought, what makes it so depressing?

If it is one of heartbreak, why and how did it come to be?

If it is anger, what fuels its rage?

If it is pain, what is the cause of the pain?

If it is one of love, what is the passion behind the love?

Perhaps it is a thought that has all of them? With infinite causes and reasons?


This thought is both a happy one and a sad one;

An enraging one and a calming one;

A passionate one as well as passionless;

A painful one and a joyous one.



This thought, this drug,

That plays on my mind like a wrecking ball is


We cannot not know how much joy some one can bring us;

Without having first experiences pain or suffering;

We cannot know what it is to be calmed

Unless we are first angry.






Love, of course has all the emotions;

Anger, depression, joy, ecstasy, annoyance, even hate

Love is entwined by an entity known to only those who feel it

It cannot be explained,

It cannot be nurtured,

It cannot be tamed,

It cannot be harnessed

Most importantly TRUE love cannot be broken;

Broken by tempt;

Broken by steel;

Broken by harsh words;

It is not one emotion it is all of them.


This my love, is my love for you;

True like the wind

Running wild, running free

It has no limits,

It is not caged, nor can it be,

It will not be tamed!

It runs true and strong,

It is eternal!

The End

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