He came like a breeze ....
Romanced me with his charm
Made me feel like a Princess
Drew me to the moon
Offered me Pink Diamonds ....
And named me Angel ....

Now he is gone ....
Left me alone
I await the twinkle in his Eye ...
With a drop of tear in my Eye ....
Now some seasons gone
I still await for him to come back....

The shuttering windows slightly bang
Now gets me the breeze of old times
I smile with my heart aching
Believing I will still see him coming through

The hope diminishes every second
And now I know he is not coming
I bore all his love in my heart
to live peacefully with his sweet memories forever

Days and months pass by and seasons change again
Now I have learned to live without him
Taking my life into a different direction
Though I meet him sometimes in the memory lanes

I awake one morning with a dew tingling on my eyelid
Eyes shut thinking God's been kind he’s got Rain
As I open my eyes, I find him looking at me
I again smile and love the dream that am seeing through my open eyes!!
Yet to realize, its not a dream anymore

Half laughing, Half crying
The merchant of dreams sit in front of me
I ask myself, has he come to show me the stars this time
Believing is difficult of his homecoming
Should I accept.... TRUE LOVE comes back !!

The End

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