Trollbook Tragedy And Faraway Feelings

It's about the internet... Herpy derpy I'm Captain Obvious!!! As usual, I tend to just go with what comes out after the inspiration hits.

People wrack their brains,
Is this a cold or warm modern age?
On the social front of modern days,
In the life and time of modern ways.

But rusty coins know the score,
Two sides still shine through,
And so goes this geriatric civilisation revived anew.

A black shadow at the corner of your eye,
A media frenzy disregarding truth from lie,
Blank faces feed chaotic reign,
In this unpredictable internet domain,
Hiding themselves from the world,
Intangible existence, yet solid presence,
Threads of love, hate and humor they sew,
The people that no-one will ever know,
A charity, a group fighting for freedom,
Effective in this information driven Earth,
Or are they the poisons of humanity mixed in a cauldron,
A place Jung says one would find their soul,
Or maybe just a jest at the expense of the poor of mind,
I see the inflammatory smiley faces and sarcastic likes,
As a Trollbook Tragedy makes their psychs.

But chaos does not always breed true,
In this internet age of new,
Open hearts and open minds,
Opening arms to let the world inside,
Millions of people with hearts that beat,
The sound long forgotten from the street,
And why worry about these times,
When we can see a hundred fold more,
Than we ever could before,
More life changing chances, more experience,
More than just down the road, more than at the mall,
Millions of people with their minds and hearts open,
Beauty more visible than in a life,
Blinded by biological tendencies and silent minds,
Not only in front of me every day,
But now I see them a thousand miles away,
My happiness is with the world today,
Because before life was this way,
My eyes upon such beauty would never lay,
In all these supposed 'real life' dealings,
Nothing compares to my Faraway Feelings.

The coin twist and turns,
It flips and falls and on either side it lands,
Just like everything in this vast life,
The glass we have is scrutinised,
Half full or half empty are our minds,
The glass is absolutely full,
With emptiness and pure water,
Why decide which one is the state,
When both are obviously there,
Along with the glass that we forget to share...

The End

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