Beneath the Mask

Gray clouds break out across the sky,

A darkness looming over me,

Silent tears escape my eyes,

As I release the cries inside of me.


Letting go isn't easy,

Temptations arise,

Wishing I could release myself,

And shed this disguise.


Fragments of a dream lost,

Sacrifice seems right,

But the devil inside overcomes,

My wishes in this life.


Rash decisions I've made,

Provoking the hurt,

Of many others around me,

People I thought I'd known.


Until I got masked in my own lies,

Deceit but the shadow by my side,

Distorting my judgement,

Losing my will.


I cry.

Once more,

Releasing a silent scream,

That goes unheard.


No one can see,

The broken girl inside of me.

Weakness is my secret,

Strength is the lie.


I'll never let it out,

For you'll only deny,

Shun me away,

For the story of my life.


It's too horrid,

Too monstrous,

Unacceptable in this world,

Of perfection.


I'm flawed.

I hide,

Beneath the mask,

I arise.

The End

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