That Smile

She smiled that smile,


A secret suppressed within her,

Release but a far-off dream.


Casting her silent glances,

Outside the window,

Watching her life,

Fall apart.


Taming her emotions,

Within her,

She thought she'd known,

She wish she had.


But now she's lost herself,

No sense of direction,

Wanting to run,

To hide.


Turning back on strength,

Weakness seeping through,

No will to live,

She passes.


Standing on the line,

Between life and death,

She looks ahead of her:

A welcoming darkness.



She trips.

A blunder.

Another mistake.


No second chance,

She cries.

Wishing she'd had,

Another try.


But now she's too late,

Drowning in her mistakes,


In her scars.


Passing on to the unknown,

She lets go,

Having no other choice now,

But to lose herself once more.


To temptation,

And to desire.

She dies,


The End

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