A (Typical) Love Story

"Love is in the air",

They used to say.

But things were so much easier.

When you weren't in my way.


I thought you were just another guy.

Typically a jerk

Until I saw that smile.

Which made my heart berserk.


Then you talked,

And I couldn't help but smile.

When you look at me that way,

How can I not?


"Friends are all we are",

I said to myself.

But that constant blush in my cheeks.

Spoke for itself.


Finally, you asked me out,

Which made my heart leap.

That twinkle your eyes,

Always lit up my dreams.


A moonlight setting,

Cliche much?

But the chemistry between us,

Was so lush.


Nights of romance,

Of laughter and love.

The occasional touch of our hands,

That made my heart stop.


Then you took me home.

I stood at the doorway.

That special smile on your lips,

That made me want to faint.


You bent down,

Cupping my face.

Just the brush of our lips,

So soft.


It left me craving,

Desire surging.

As I looked into your eyes;

I knew you were Mr. Right


Years passed,

And our love grew.

Through all this time,

I thought I'd known you.


But that one evening;

You got down on your knee.

Telling that you wanted,

To spend the rest of your life with me.


And I said 'yes'.

For I wanted you too.

For the rest of my life,

Just me and you.


But then little ones came,

A new family formed.

I would never have thought.

That one day we'd be this way.


So the next time someone says "love is in the air"

Don't shake your head.

Because it just might be true.

It had been for me.

The End

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