Leaving this place,

Letting this world,

Be the way,

It's been before.


No more change,

No more fights,

Just another day

In this wretched life.


Finding my way,

Feels too hard,

Letting you go,

Feels so right.


Temptations arise,

Tickling my desires,

Clouding my dreams,

Changing me.


I break away,

From the present.

I attach myself,

To a different future.


Love aside,

Wars no more,

Just me.

With me.


Peace at last,

I'd thought it was.

No longer but a dream,

Out of grasp.


But this life,

Leaves no satisfaction.

My being feels wrong.

My living is pain.


So I break away.

Go to another place.

Hell nor heaven.

Just a dream.

The End

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