Walking through the crowd,

Trying to find a face,

Anyone who'd see,

Past my mask.


Fragile fragments of lies put together,

To form the delusional masterpiece,

Guarding my heart,

From being broken once again.


Once more,

Trying to find my way,

Hoping that someone might understand,

The potential of who I really am.


But tumble upon tumble,

And mistake upon mistake,

I fall deeper and deeper,

Into the endless crevasse.


Wanting to know there's a way out,

Of this hellish lie I live,

Needing to find the answer,

To this overlapping knot.


Broken on the inside but perfect on the out,

Can't keep running from these emotions,

They find their way through,

Leaving me fragile and helpless.


Maybe one day,

There might be hope,

Someone might fit the hole in my heart,

Let me know I'm beautiful.


But no one knows,

No one can see,

That part of me.

I won't show it.


Not now,

Not ever,

For I'll know it's you,

When you see past the haze yourself.

The End

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