Midnight Whispers

Sleepless nights you brought to me,

Welcoming an unbreakable silence,

Of desires left craving,

And wishes left unfulfilled.


I see you in front of me,

A mysterious haze,

I reach out to touch you,

But only find thin air in your place.


Desire is my drug,

Hope is my longing,

Love is my dream,

But you are my comfort.


Clouding my vision,


Blinding my sense of reality;

Blinding my sense of right and wrong.


But I've found my solution,

It's not my way out,

But my way through,

A wandering led me somewhere.


These midnight whisperings in my mind,

Have helped show the way through this crazy lie,

Of love and life both combined,

I know my way. I have a sign.

The End

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