Trish's Poetry Collection

A small collection of poems and all that was ever scribbled down in the corner of my school notes or elsewhere in the spur of the moment. I'm not much of a poet but I do hope you enjoy. :)

Everlasting Dreams of You

You're only just a dream away from me

Near the corner of my eyes waiting for my sleep

And then you make your entrance, sparking up my dreams

As real as you can be to me

We were never meant to be

You were a fairy tale that wasn't real

A little girl's Prince Charming just disappeared

Leaving me broken and empty

Now I don't know where to go

Lost within a world that is my own

You belong to me yet I can't have you

Questioning why...

Everlasting dreams

Come to me

Because if I can only be with you in one

Then I'd sleep forever


The End

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