Trips Down Memory Lane

~for Xander,

you're probably dancing with angels, and contemplating poetry with God, if there is one

I found an old note this morning-

your handwriting scrawled across the yellowed paper 

like a spider's web

bringing back memories of Before.

Its funny the things you remember once someone is gone forever-

the kind of gone when even your heart-song cannot reach them in the After.

Perhaps its the beam of their smile,

or maybe its the shine of their hair.

But,maybe,just maybe, you remember nothing,

because nothing is better than knowing how you held the entire world in your palm,

and how in one fell swoop, you lost it all.

This small piece of paper,

this seemingly insignificant piece of paper-

oh,the memories that sent me free falling back to the past!

I stood there as my mind reminisced over the forgotten times, all those forgotten things.

The things that i locked away in the back of  my mind,

because back then when it happened thoughts of you always got me crying.

But now,oh how things have changed.

I've found it hard to conjure a picture of you in my head,

its like the shutters are pulled closed,

or all my files regarding you and all that you were have been lost-

but this small piece of paper picked all of those locks.

You stumbled out and patted yourself free of four years worth of dust,

and I remembered.

I remembered how devastatingly beautiful you were,

the most splendid creature I have ever seen.

Your eyes that weren't quite blue,and shimmered slightly with a mischievous hue-

green and gold, and purple with that dash of azure-

I travel back to that place.

where we spoke together in poetic verse, and you're words stung,

but in a good way, in the way that I can't believe I ever forgot.

This morning i danced with you,

in neat swirls and wild circles-

And like a child out to play after being shut up in the house all day,

we danced.

your ghost and I, we danced.

Its funny the things that can trigger a thousand memories,

the things that can send you reeling down memory lane.

Its crazy the things you forget just to keep yourself safe-

Its unfortunate the things your brain hides from you just so you're unaware of the pain.

Its funny the things that get ignited just by a note-

one piece of yellowed paper talking about beautiful i look in the rain.... 

The End

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