Triggers of Memories

Any poems about any types of memories you have - good or bad, happy or sad.

Song Memories

I shuffle in my chair and the song starts playing,
My ears prick up but my mind's still delaying
I feel a sudden pang but what's it saying?
There's a memory attached yet murky it's staying.

The music seeps deep
Into my senses,
Awakening them
Like stagnant sleeping streams;
Whooshing in, soaking every corner's defenses,
Taking me back to what seems like dreams.

More memory of a feeling than of a scene I'm seeing,
A hazy era, of sweet joy and warm thrills
Thrust back a moment of wistful longing, wishing,
At my reckless heart it stabs, kills.

The minutes pass, the music's surging,
My memory keeps on swimming, stirring,
Unearthing, exposing, dragging aged seaweed off those buried shipwrecks,
A closure to grow over the past, now ripped back with no attempt at mercy or regret.

The End

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