/trigger warning/Mature

How can I look you in the eyes and lie,

Tell you that I'm doing alright,

Even though the scars on my arms tell otherwise?

I need help,

An overwhelming sense of dread fills my head,

As I put another notch in my wrist that counts the days until I'm dead.

Tell me I'm going to be alright,

Because right now I need an anchor,

Because I'm about to drown in a sea of my own blood.

Dear God, why?

I tried so hard to live a meaningful life,

But all I've done is fail at everything I think to try.

I'm good at painting with a razor,

My body is a canvass,

And as I sign my name I'll carve one last request.

Don't forget my smile,

Because even though all that's visible is my cracked skin,

I want to be remembered for the happy soul within.

I'm sorry I had to go this way,

Tell Mommy I love her,

And I'll talk to her again one day.

The End

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