Life is fishtailing me
It's this kind of whiplash that Makes me wonder what exactly It is I have managed to do for this Level of karma bitch attack

What's the deal?
Where's the fire?
Where's the smoke?
Gun to my head!
Words spewing,

My thoughts speeding
Six bullets 3...2
Hearts racing 1 left
God pray for me
Who's going to save me now?
The end? The middle? The begining?

First and last Chapter
How do your cards fall?
I can't do it, gun like
A ball in your court
Actions like chess
Your move

Live or die?
Your choice
My life in your hands
Russian Roulette
Want to play a game?
Choice is yours

Lifespan cut down
Who knows wrong right
Me over you? never you're Always first in my book
I put you on this earth I can
Take you off. Poison

Keep me always?
Keep you forever?
If you go so do I
If you run I run
Gun to my head

The End

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