tree top

Lonely girl falls from tree tops, swifting past the stars in the night sky, hair flowing, trailing behind.  Falling from grace, courage and calmness.  Gravitating into swirls of nothingness, blank stares and starry eyed surroundings.  An empty gaze, a sullen heart and a broken mind finally tumble in the moonlight , ceasing to breath, bleed or beat. The descent is long and slow, with golden ambiance to make it beautifully stunning and all encompassing.  All tension lost, the fight is over and the war ceases.  Losing against the calamity of decision, she lets go and at the height of the bitter last moment when the breath pauses and the neck elongates and the head bends backwards and the eyes close..she falls wonderfully and peacefully looking up at the shadows of bent branches,  reaching for her slender weightless fingers. 

The End

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