Hey you want me back? you really do? well here's my answer

what about joanna and Sarah by the side?

what about your sister who always needs your ride?

what about your boyfriend so sweet and oh so fine?

what about our homework, lots in the line?

what about your parties all swanky and glamorous?

i find it mighty incredulous

that you'll have time for me

to meet me to greet me to even glance at me

your life with all the glitz and ritz

no time for childhood friends, their just dead ends!

your famous now, you have a chauffeur and a maid

and a poducer to!

i'm just one of the lowly few!

you got the money, your dreams achieved

beverly hills and hollywood thats where you've reached!

your meeting new people, seeing new things

but thats what too much success brings

it'll turn your head, make you go round

but someday it'll all come crashing to the ground

you'll come face to face with reality

the perks in life aren't all free

a shopping spree is not as fun as

sitting with your friend just soaking up the sun

i guess you can't see the finer things

which to the end of my outburst me it brings

life is a game

you played it well

we aren't really the same

i now can tell


The End

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