Trash Man

This is just an observation of the men that were put in community service in my home town.


                                                                             Trash Man

The trash man cleans the streets.
Green and white stripes line his uniform.
Sweat rules his brow.
Many morning and afternoons he works.

The trash man maintains garbage disposal.
Dark, southern sun ravaged skin covers his body.
Clouds are out of sight under the magnolia.
Many nights he seeks fulfillment.

The trash man wakes with the mocking birds.
Wrapped from head to toe in poor hygiene.
Suns bare down without remorse.
Many more early mornings until freedom.

 The trash man makes easy his conviction.
Guilt ridden testimony lines his forearms.
Grief trounces his brow.
Unanswered prayers bore holes in the wall.

The End

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