A simple poem, free of rhymes and literary tools, about the simple people we meet every day.


We walk by them everyday

We don't know them

Except perhaps their name

Because we asked them once, or overheard them say it,

Or maybe it's because they wear it on a tag

But we know nothing about their life,



Are they poor? Are they happy? How many kids do they have? Are they having a rough day?

We don't know them, and we don't bother to.

We have our own life to deal with… isn't that enough?

So we just pass by.

We hand them a ticket, we walk into the toilets they've just cleaned or we work in the building they secure.

Sometimes we turn our heads the other way, sometimes we overlook, sometimes we just nod politely.

Give them a smile,

Ask how they are,

Show some respect.

Though you're late and in a hurry,

It's free of charge, it takes a second

It can brighten up a day.

They are transparent

Look in their eyes

Make them



The End

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