I Am (OROUS) ( - Sleeper OF Mud )

Remembered echoes shimmer faintly into being against the walls,
An oily rainbow, efflorescence, excrescence, and something falls.
There's a message on the radio and it's coming in and combing over,
The anvil shatters and I see the bird fly free.

It's time to wake, time to smell the burning of Catastrophe's debut,
Puncture this bubble with your pointed words and pierced tongue.
Your darkest flowers await us on the outside and I smell your cheap cologne,
Strip away this machinery and take us home.

Things burn in oxygen and my memories aren't the same,
I am P OROUS and I climbed the cathedrals of the world to shout my name.
This isn't sleep, this is just a drug-induced catatonia,
And still the anvil shatters and breaks me from my coma

Read between the lines and listen in the spaces,
See where colours died and I sacrificed to the Graces,
Hear these unspoken words and understand the hardship of not being,
Take away my destitution and desist.

The End

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