Round Three

Wow, that's quite the intake, sir.
Will you need the toilet soon?

You are aware the wine is fake, sir?
You can come down from the roof. 

Entitled: "The Virgin Wine Tasting"

* * *

My friend and I are tired.
And are you tired of me?
No, we've simply had a day—
With too much me? I see.
with lots of tiring action.

So you don't hate me?
Why on earth would we?
You're not spies sent here—
No way on earth we could be!
By some anti-me faction?

Is someone out to get you?
You've got it, to a tee!
It's not your imagination?
Augh! A killer flea!
...succumbing to distraction?

No! It's there! I see it!
I'm forced to disagree.
Out for my blood! Get it!
This is where we leave.
What untimely extraction...

Entitled: "And Then He Was Slain: The Dangers of Killer Fleas"

The End

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