skips of a bias view over cheekbones

her eyes shine like fickle stars,

with hips that jut like lighthouses in the midst of an ocean

her laugh is like painted contentment

and her ears earn shading of the darkest kind

her voice is deep and throaty when she sings

like a songbird free to roam

and she talks,

oh how she talks 

with an intelligence that's sharp and sheer

a brain that could cure heartbreak

and a complete lack of inhibition

her mouth has no filter

sprouting curses that could make a sailor blush

but she has a temperament that could level my anger at the world 

and her smile makes people stop and stare

because her beauty is so prominent through my eyes

but I love her for 

her acts

her paintings

her wonder

her wish to change the world

and the fact that she loves me back

for everything I am

and everything we could be.

The End

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