Toy's Aren't Just for BoysMature

Silly write

While you're out fishin'

with beer drinkin Bud

Bullshit dishin'

Chewin' the cud


Hook Line and sinker

Fishin' Rod goes down

Face turning pinker

Catch about to crown


"A mermaid, I see?'

Rippling water stilled

On stabled knee

The portside she spilled


"They really exist!"

You shout in her face

Lips to be kissed.

In Mangled imbrace.


In awe, your friend stares

Wondering, still dazed

About nightmares

Completely amazed.


Tellin' your story

Down at corner pub

And it's glory.

Gives you a nub.


Frozen to bar bench

Flirt you are by name.

A Coctail wench

Your hopin' she's game.


Bragging to your pals

'Bout the "fish" you caught

Comparing to gals

The mermaid you faught.


Out hunting with friends

Deep into the wood

Gossiping hens,

Of course understood.


While you were away

Bud gave me a call

Total dismay

Said your story's tall


While you kissed silly

Bud continued on

"She's no philly!

I beg your pardon!"


So, while you're obsessed

Distracted and awed

Feeling quite blessed

By mermaid fraud.


With my sea creatures

I've been quite busy

Some with ten features.

That make me dizzy.


With my Pearl Dolphin

I'm getting it on

Cheatin's a sin

But not while your gone!!

The End

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