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From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson

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Toxic Breed

 ©1996 Nick Robinson (FTH Supplemental, pg 96)


As I sit and chew an after eight

I fit and stew as I wait and wait

Oh hurry on up my hands of time

I love the sun – but the nights all mine

Now I’ve slept my day away

So tuck in sun, I wanna come out and play

And slowly as the sun starts to settle in

Holy is not the dark – time to party & sin


Yeah, an instant Romeo if you just add alcohol

So I down a few for that attitude

And now I’m comin on out, and comin in for you

Oh you can run and you can hide

But if you do, you’ll go home alone unsatisfied

See I talk the talk ‘cause I can walk the walk

I know your pleasure, and I know your spot

Now I’m comin on in for that sweet salvation

And I’m zoning in on your destination


So relax and enjoy the luxury

Kick back and absorb the toxic breed

Don’t fight it, it’s what you need

And it’s all yours – to you, from me

And oh what a glorious night

Everything we do wrong we’ll be doing right

Yeah as long as the night is dark

I’ll be the fuel to feed your spark

So don’t be shy of the burning flame

No need to try to keep it contained

‘Cause you’ll be fine, the night is my domain,

And you’re free from harm if you play the game


Yeah the toxic breed will quench your thirst

By getting what they need from giving it first

And the toxic breed will cure your ills

By sowing their seeds to cultivate their thrills

Now it’s a potent potion of self indulgence and conceit

So you better have a strong stomach if you’re gonna taste the toxic breed

The End

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