+++ Tournament : FINAL +++

So it has come to this. FogCat faces off against Lemon Yellow Donkey in a showdown... this is it, who will be our Tournament champion?

"You must write a love poem. The catch is, your poem must not be like any love poem ever read by our judges. I want you to try be entirely different with this, there are no format guidelines or content guidelines, you can take this wherever you wish... the other catch is... you may not use the words "love", "heart" or "emotion".

Good luck to both of you, you have until Tuesday, work carefully.

Judges, I implore you to use the structure that I previously mentioned. This creates a sign of unity and universal judgement. First Impressions, Second Impressions, Final Impressions then your decision between the two. Do NOT give the same rating to both of them, you must make a choice!"

So here we are at the end of a rather exhausting tournament! We've had a few hiccups along the way, but I feel that this is the best way to get the glitches out in the open, hopefully next time the system will work better for everyone involved, of course I apologise for any confusion I have caused previously.
I think everyone has done an amazing job thus far, no one has produced a bad piece of work, it has been a struggle for everyone. 
Right, as for this final. 
Will FogCat secure her position as champion, showing everyone just what she is made of? Or will The Lemon Yellow Donkey prove that the ratings don't mean anything, and that he isn't scared of Foggie. 
What I find most interesting is that FogCat invited LYD into this competition! Will this be her undoing? 
Good Luck To both of the contestants, I truly can't wait to see what you produce.

The End

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