Tough Decisions

The warnings signs,

They were ignored.

We continued as we were,

Not content and bored.


The storm rages.

Enduring relentless fear.

The storm rages.

I clutch at what’s dear.


It doesn’t blow over.

The winds rip away,

Everything we’ve worked at,

Smashing like dried clay.


It continues,

Lasts more than a week.

During which,

I daren’t speak.


I wait and wait, nothing.


The storm grows,

Fury, its driving force.

This ship is helpless,

The wind setting its course.


Eventually it dies down,

The damage surveyed,

In this ravaged vessel,

We are all but dismayed.


Our respite is brief,

We pass through the eye,

On into the storm again,

In the unknown we now lie.


Do we fight on?

Do we give in?

These questions at my mind,

Prick like a pin.


I want to fight on,

I’m not sure about you.

You claim to still love me,

I’m not sure if that’s true.


This storm has left us ragged,

I’m not sure if we’ll pull through.

But all I can say is,

I may be better without you.

The End

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