Tornado Cycle

A short poem about a girl who destroys everything she touches, a dangerous girl who longs to find happiness. She finds herself constantly hurting and affecting those around her, and is forever going in circles, unable to stop the cycle of pain. ENJOY! x

The winds grow stronger, the days grow longer,

And everyone around is disappearing.

Only black skies, and pain and lies,

Are in sight, at the end of this clearing.


I try as I might, but nothing goes right,

Whatever I touch, turns and leaves.

You can't trust me, only make an enemy,

As whoever's a friend, I decieve.


The pain goes around, it pulses through the ground,

And hits everyone that I meet.

It's not that I'm tormented, nor even demented.

Maybe it's the build up of heat.


They fall at my touch, they daren't even look,

When I decide to change my ways.

I guess the pain I've caused, and the torture I've brought

Will stay with me for the rest of my days.

It goes around and comes back, the sweetness never lasts,

It sweeps everyone off their toes.

They don't come close, stand behind me at most

And that's how my tornado goes.

The End

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