Too Perfect To Be Mine

There she goes

Perfectly and elegantly

Every single move and step of hers

Are graced and flawless

For a princess she is to my eyes

So beautiful and goddess - like

A princess she is to my eyes

Looking for a prince charming

Who is just as perfect as her

And suited for her

A prince who comes in beauty and charm

Refined in speech and action

Not a scar you'll find in his face

For respected, he is

What a shame for I am no prince like them

I do not deserve a princess like her

To wish on a shooting star

To wish on having her

Is futile

For I am nothing like a prince

No I am not created in perfection

Therefore I am nothing suited for her

A poor peasant boy I am

There's nothing so significant about me

I am just like a young child

Wishing to reach the stars

Wishing for something impossible

In her eyes

I am nothing but a speck of dirt

Whom you could just blow

Blow and be gone

Be gone without anyone noticing

For the princess is too high for me

Too unreachable

To leave is what I should do

Forget about this silly little dream

And have a life anew

But it is hard to leave

Yet harder to forget

The End

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