Too Much To Bare

It's about someone making amends for the way they treated you years before

We were both bursting with life
A white hot energy desperate to shoot to the sky
We could’ve been much more than what we became
But neither of us had the power to remain
And I wonder where she lives now

Some days my dreams are invaded
By the shadows of memories of love and regret
Some days she’s almost forgotten
An echo of a love turn crooked and rotten

All I can say is that I hope you’re happy now
But I know your heart is barely alive
Both of us have struggled to survive

She left me in the worst way
But hearts seize to weep in time
Too much to bare for her to stay
The darkness around her
Casting shadows across an empty sky

And suddenly she’s in front of me
Almost ten years later she’s desperate to make amends
And we’re both better than back in those days
Ready to lay to rest the ghosts of our mistakes

All I can say is that I hope you’re happy now
But I know where you go
The darkness will slavishly follow

Trapped in a circle of violence and medicine
Prozac washing a shortened burst of joy
And how glad I am she’s somewhere towards a peaceful mind
Before everything she had was destroyed

The End

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