Too much Pressure

just something that came out of my head

Do you understand what it is you do to me?

Are you capable of letting me be free?

What is it that gives you this much power?

It's killing me, I have no room to flower. 

You make me feel an inch high,

Telling me that I never try,

Do you hope that I'll break down?

Do you even want me around?

There is too much pressure leaning on me,

Coming from the people closest to me,

What can I do to free myself?

Can I do it, without your help?

I try so hard to please you,

Yet you don't see that, do you?

You don't see how it tears me apart, 

I wish you could see what is in my heart.

It's just too much.

Too much to handle,

I'm falling, 

A downward spiral. 

N.Sexton 09/04/2013

The End

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