".Too good to be true?"

were we really together that night? when you held me... in the pouring rain.
sans umbrella - but held me from the thunder and lightening while the cars passed us. 
feeling your breath against my skin, me shivering in your shirt.
thank you for holding me.. when i needed it the most. 
thank you for driving me home, when i had no one else to turn to. 
nameless you shall remain, deep inside i hold you in. 
in a year or two, we shall wait. 
thank you for kissing me on the forehead instead of my lips - 
you didn't spoil the moment. 
thank you for looking me straight in the eyes even though mine were full of tears.
and thank you for holding my hand even when i fell in the mud and didn't let go.
sweet are you and nameless you shall remain. 

stranger - did i dream you? how did i wake up in a shirt not mine?

The End

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