Too Distant these days

Every time I need you
your eyes seem too distant and faraway
When you need me
I always make sure I stay

But maybe this is all my fault
Maybe I wasn't being the best person I could be
Even if I thought I was

What happened to the times
when we used to laugh for a whole day
just because of some random thing? 

What happened to the times
when all you needed to be happy
was us?


Dear you,

I don't get why you don't see the reason why we don't feel so "accepting" of this new person in your life. You don't see just how much you've changed because of that person.

I have never seen you so distant before.

You may argue with me about this, and you might hate me forever because of this but I know the real you would understand what I'm saying right now.

All I see now  is a girl, with a sad face, yearning for someone, every minute of everyday. She neglects the people she's been with her whole life. Hey, Sis. I know you're in there somewhere. I know you show yourself sometimes and I just wish you're not hidden behind this sad-faced distant girl I don't really know.

I try to be understanding. I really do, because you used to be the only one holding me down back to earth. Now you're slowly being severed. 

I don't think there has been a recent day when I looked at you and felt like....your sister. or your bestfriend.

I wish you'd just come back. I really do miss you. 


The End

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