Too Deep at First Sight

This not-so-loosely describes a type of experience in my mind before I open my mouth. Thinking too much..

With a smile you can cut through one's barriers deep                                                             Slaying the guard on watch who is actually asleep

Showing your teeth you rid my skies of blue                                                                                     But when we locked eyes, I knew it to be true

You breached the walls I so tirelessly built                                                                                      Over many the mistakes and foolish guilt. 

And with your breath you took mine away                                                                                      How I'm still alive is quite a miracle they say

The touch of your hand was felt deep within my soul                                                                     Like you knew the day would come where you could make me whole

And as I sit with myself, I slowly start to think                                                                                                     That losing you makes my heart sink

Now, if only I could tell you how you make me feel                                                                            If I only had to courage, we might be something real

Instead, I watch you go until you are out of reach                                                                   Another one gone when all I had to do was speak. 

The End

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