Too Deep

It's about getting into a relationship too quickly and feeling as if you might be over crowding a person.

I gotta step back, it's getting too deep
i've sewn enough, it's soon time to reap.
Take it down a notch, so I don't over crowd,
But its hard when I wanna scream out loud.
Tell the world how I feel, soak it all in,
I can't breathe, Stick me with a pin.
Make me wake from this wonderful dream,
I need to realize it's not as it may seem.
Doubt clouds my judgement, and i can't tell,
If it's you who's fallen, or if i just fell.
It's too easy to push, and I don't want that with you,
So i'm going to try and let you do you.
i have to back off, of i'll push you away,
leave you blank without words to say.
Experience reminds me, i've done this before,
come on too strong, then they are out the door.
I'm scared i'll do the same, make you leave and with haste,
I love you, I won't make this a waste.
Take my time and be who I am, there is no hurry,
and in doing so, I hope not to worry.

The End

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