Tonight, I'm Gonna Dissappear

Inner Conflicts

Tell them what they want to hear

Well today, Im gonna dissapear.

Try to shoot for the moon,

get caught up in all the stars.

Slowly drifting in the breeze,

hoping pleading theres no more storms

Shallow breaths, breathe in

Calm yourself, show them all,

Your more then death,

your more then pain,

Your more then beautiful, say it again.

Your not what they want,

Your not what they need.

You, yourself, have a reason to leave.

Shoot it up, tell them off

Your not going to take it again,

not going to get hit again.

Storm rolls in, bodies crash.

See that lightning, see it flash.

Feel the rain, falling hard.

Hear the thunder, crackling calls.

Wish it would end, pray to God.

Embrace the storm, let it come.

Know your strong, carry on.

Let it pass, soaring fast

See the sun, beating hard

Feel the warmth, on battered skin

Think it all will go away

Know your stronger, second time 'round

The End

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