Tonight, I unviel myself


I drop my mask tonight,

I unveil all my imperfections, I hid so long,

I let you see all my flaws,

See, I’m not perfect, you were wrong.

I step out of my masquerade tonight,

Revealing all my wounds and scars,

The very scars, the time can’t erase,

The very wounds, the perpetuity can’t heal.

I let my guard fall for once,

Let the walls I built crumble.

I’m tired of pretending,

I divulge the repulsive me.

Turn away if you want, leave me like all else,

As I gather enough of me to put on the mask again,

To hide my blemishes,

I see you looking at me; I guess you don’t want me now,

I turn to walk away,

I get ready to step out, to forget you forever,

‘I love you, you’re still my angel’ is all you say...

The End

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