I know, I know I have two poems with the same title...i couldn't decide which one to name the other but they have similarities and differences, mainly about love this one though, strictly how i feel towards someone special in my life.

In our hearts, our mighty hearts love will be tonight

In your arms, your solid arms I will rest tonight

In this town, this quiet town we’ll be talking tonight

In your voice, your peaceful voice you’ll whisper tonight

In my hand, my searching hand I’ll feel yours tonight

Near your shoulder, your strong shoulder I lay my head tonight

Near my heart, my beating heart you’ll caress me tonight

Near your body, your tired body I’ll be next to you tonight

Near the light, the heavenly light you’ll take me away closer tonight

Near the door, the open door I’ll take you here closer tonight

On my hand, my empty hand you’ll lay yours with it tonight

On my heart, my commanding heart’s wish you will once again be let in tonight

On my body, my bare body you’ll kiss me tonight

On your cheek, your soft cheek I’ll lightly kiss tonight

On your arm, your firm arm I’ll cling to it comfortably tonight

On your heart, your demanding heart’s cue I’ll captivate it tonight

On your body, your bare body I’ll wrap my arms around you tonight

Hush my dear, don’t worry my dear we’ll be fine tonight

Hush my darling; don’t fear my darling I’ll keep you safe tonight

Hush my sweet, don’t cry my sweet I’ll dry your tears tonight

Hush my angel, don’t run my angel you won’t be hurt tonight

Hush my lover; don’t hate my lover we’ll be here together tonight

Hush my honey; don’t go my honey I’m here for you tonight

 Hush my one, don’t leave me my one and I’ll make you see I’m your one tonight

The End

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