Nothing but depressing news

Haven't we all just paid our dues?

Listen to me

Tonight...we are finally free

Throw it all away

Don't listen to a single word they say

I want to change our lives tonight

We finally be in a new kind of light

We might not know everything,

Those answers, don't mean anything

Tonight, have fun with me and ride around

We'll discover the things that could have never been found

Let's open up to, and make peace with this empty town

Everything will be in our favor by sundown

We'll dance the night away

Off wasting our time watching that sunset by that bay

We can make everthing right

And we can be finally be ourselves, free tonight

We'll become alive

And into life and love we'll thrive

Smile and laugh our whole way

If I die tomorrow, I can have my one say:

I did what i wanted to do

Because it started and ended with you

The End

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