I am crumpled against the cream coloured wall

in the crevice formed by the mattress.

The wind lolling in from the open window

laps at my soles, tickles my toes.

Your arm, draped around my hips like a loosely slung belt. 

It was midnight and I was awake, like every usual night,

and in that moment I thought of my past love,

wondering of his existence, though I didn't miss him,

and the thought sunk into my stomach

like a swallowed cherry pit,

leaving me a bloom with numbness.

At 1:24 AM you called, and saw I was sleepless,

you invited me down for company,

and I obliged,

for I am single, and allowed to share anyone's bed.

We listened to soft music, and then you turned out the light,

and we gazed at the neon stars upon your ceiling,

and pondered the meaning of life.

You slept, I listened.

Your breath slow and steady, catching on the end of your nose

in a gentle hum,

mimicking the refrigerator buzz.

I shut my eyes and dreamed of broken houses

and run away trains, awoke alone and afraid.

You reached out, without a word, stoked my arm,


like my mother used to when I was sick with the flu.

I know how easy it is to flee into a rebound of another embrace

when lonely and broken,

and I'm so glad I refrained.

For you are not a boy, but a girl,

your hair splayed around the pillow tangles with mine,

our bodies intertwine, hearts combine

both broken and lonely, yet we are whole

and so we sleep tonight.

The End

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