(tongues licking lovingly)

eyes stinging.

everything is burning.

the walls are caving in.

i can’t remember what it was that i ran in to save.

the flames caress me

(like mother cats, tongues licking lovingly)

and i see her. sitting on a chair in

the corner, an enchantress with her head down.

i run to her, tug, pull, slap. she must come.

she must.

with what seems like a drain of energy

she looks up and i

see what i somehow knew i’d see.

she is me.

or rather, she is the me i always

dreamt i’d be.

but she is aflame and now

nothing but ash is in front of me.

i scream.

the room is dark; my sheets lie lifeless on the floor.

i shudder.

she was the me i always dreamt i’d be

and now there is only


The End

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