Tomorrow is such a burden

Like an illness or an unwanted guest

Like a malevolent foe that won't rest

I dread what stands behind the curtain 

The dark streets await my footsteps

That lead me to a job I despise

Where superiors can't wait to criticise

Surely this can't be as good as it gets

Tomorrow is a sardonic gremlin

It exposes my faults for fun

Pisses on the fire of my fitful sun

It designs my fears then starts assembling

My future painted by a sprained hand

Looking untidy and incomplete

Straining my eyes for a vacant seat

There's none so at the back I stand

Tomorrow is a daunting obstacle

The bar raised with every dawn

A further glimpse of my dwindling form

Another step back from the phenomenal

Is there another soul I can borrow

A soul of someone with some promise

I toil and toil though remain a novice

A victim of the pouncer called tomorrow

The End

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