A year of moments to remember.

The burning emotions of an ember.

All the memories held in our hearts.

Our new beginnings and forgotten starts.

All our weird jokes, and our funny words.

Our changing to each other and the flying free like birds.

The new experiences and the things we’ve learned.

When the bumps arrived and we all were concerned.

The help for one another changed us forever.

We were there no matter what, for whoever.

Pain between us seemed to fade away in the smiles.

How far we’ve came, knowing so much, we’ve traveled miles.

These moments are perfect.

But my amazement as I look around me, how we connect.

I never want to look you into the eyes and say good-bye.

As much as we may not have succeeded, we know to try.

I never want to let go of all these things.

To watch strangers grow to friends, spreading their wings.

The times where everything was simple, everything was great.

Knowing we are together always, the things that await.

The laughs I’ve heard that filled the air.

All the love around me, of which I wasn’t aware.

The sparkle in the eyes of the quiet.

How we’ve came together, quite crazy, our own lil’ riot.

The strength in the small that burst from its cage.

The shy who broke out to run for the stage.

The intelligence in the lonely freed to new heights.

The hope they held on all the lonely nights.

Our times when everything was impossible.

The silly jokes that made it all possible.

The talks of the future and our lost past.

Being so sorry that all these times have gone by so fast.

How our hate had vanished from our core.

How we whispered and left each other wanting more.

The way we skipped down the halls with no cares at all.

When the short ones were able to stand tall.

The times we got all dressed up and pretty.

To run around like children, like we owned the city.

Walking in only to drench each other down to the bone.

How we hugged each other close and knew we weren’t on our own.

When we stood up for each other in front of everyone.

The legend of friendship we had begun.

As we cared for one another more then ourselves.

How they helped me up when they had fallen themselves.

I slow down so I can look back at everything.

Being so filled with happiness you feel like you could sing.

The smile that is drawn upon my face.

All the feelings we hid then we soon found to embrace.

This life has became like a dream.

When we pushed everything we could to the extreme.

How we created one another in a special way.

How our yesterdays affected our today.

All the little things that make life amazing.

The new history that we are raising.

The things you never ever want to change.

Loving the spazzes, the surprises, the wonder, the strange.

My heart beats for the surrounding joy.

As I look upon it all, it’s time to enjoy.

This hidden side of me which they have brought.

To forget of all the times we’ve fought.

The year has came to an end.

Knowing that I don’t stand as a stranger, but as a friend.

But as I see it all the things will never be forgotten.

All the life long connections that we have gotten.

A year of moments to remember.

The burning emotions of an ember.

All the memories held in our hearts.

Our new beginnings and forgotten starts.

In this moment we will forget all sorrow.

A gift we have gave each other that we will always look to…tomorrow.

The End

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