Part 6

Tommy ceased his prayer, he had told his heart's desire,

And he waited for an answer, 'til his head began to tire.

Then he turned toward his corner and lily huddled in a heap,

Closed his little eyes so gently, and was quickly fast asleep.


Oh! I wish that every scoffer could have seen his little face,

As he lay there in the corner' of that dark and dirty place.

For his countenance was shining, like an angel's fair and bright,

And it seemed to fill the cellar with a holy, heavenly light.


He had only heard of Jesus from a ragged singing girl;

He might well have wondered, doubted, 'til his head began to whirl;

But he took it as she told it, and believed it then and there;

Simply trusting in the Saviour and His kind and loving care.

The End

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