Part 5

"Lord, I'm only just a cripple, and I'm no use here below,

For I heard my mother whisper she'd be glad if I would go,

And I' m cold and hungry sometimes, and I feel so lonely, too;

Can't you take me, gentle Jesus, up to heaven along with you?"


"Oh! I'd be so good and patient, and I'd never cry or fret;

And your kindness to me, Jesus, I would surely not forget.

I would love you all I know of, and I'd never make a noise;

Can't you find me just a corner, where I'll watch the other boys?"


"Oh, I think you'll do it, Jesus, something seems to tell me so;

For I feel so good and happy, and I do want to go.

How I long to see you, Jesus, and the children all so bright,

Come and fetch me, won't You, Jesus, come and fetch me home tonight."

The End

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