Part 4

Tommy lay within the cellar, which had grown so dark and cold,

Thinking all about the children in the streets of shining gold,

And he minded not the darkness of that damp and chilly room,

For the joy in Tommy's bosom, could get rid of the deepest gloom.


"Oh if I could only see it," thought the cripple as he lay,

"Jessie said that Jesus listens, so I think I'll try and pray,"

So he put his hands together, and he closed his little eyes,

And in wonder deep in earnest sent his message to the skies.


"Gentle Jesus, please forgive me, as I didn't know before,

That you cared for little cripples, who are weak and very poor,

And I never heard of heaven, 'til that Jessie came today,

And told me all about it, so I thought I'd try and pray."


"You can see me, can't you, Jesus? Jessie told me that you could,

And I somehow must believe it, for it seems so true and good;

And she told me if I loved you, I would see you when I die;

In the bright and happy heaven, that is up beyond the sky."

The End

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