A revision of my previous poem "Tomatoes" posted in verse47's writing exercise "Where I'm From."

I am from
    Pine needles blanketing the ground as we watch the stars.
    Holly leaves pricking my feet as we run barefoot to the base.
    Lightning bugs twinkling in jars at dusk.
    Endless hours in the aisles of my school library.
    Forays into the forest as an explorer of elf.
    Chocolate pie at every birthday.
    Hikes among the clouds.
    Jeeps covered and stuck in mud.
    Dirty feet vaulting us to the sweetest cherries on top of the tree.
    Ventures up the deepest river we’d ever seen: an ankle deep creek.
    Class four rapids and covering our t-grips.
    Bright red tomatoes on stalks surrounding the porch.
    Cream covered strawberries and ghost stories.
    Frisbees slick with sweat at the hottest part of the day.
    Four wheel drive and snow on the mountains.

The End

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