Tokyo Crow

ok, still behind blah blah blah... and yes, another one about birds... for reasons not entirely clear to me the Boston bombing is causing lots of bird images in my head, and then today I heard about what's going on with crows in Tokyo...

Tokyo Crow

Man wanted flight

looked to the sky

with anger and desire

Placed his gods

amongst the clouds

or punished in shrouds

of layers of earth

'til molten rock

stained skin red

and rivers bled

contempt birthed

borne in heads

that never

realized flight

Man made wings

and leaped off things

like cliffs, death not defied

or success met

'til ambition's breath

pushed them into fire

And now the crows

of Tokyo

steal the hanging wire

on clotheslines strewn

creating room

to breed

to feed


Perhaps it's why

some people die

killed by

the hands of others

without a point

they self-annoint

succumb to strange


like crows

they build

their nests of death

with stolen bits

of wire

The End

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