Together forever

about how you never know how much you miss someone till there with you nolonger.

 I remember the days we used to spend sitting down in the fields all alone,

And the road  from your house to mine was a mile on its own.

But you came anyways cause there was no where else you could really go.

 Yes, he was the love of my life and I dont know why I didnt show.

 That You were everything I had and now that I'll never see u again, I wish it hadn't been so long.

That I haven't seen your smile, cause u never know how much you'll miss them til there really gone.

So I wish that you remember me as the girl you really love,

and I wish this just cause  I know you're waatching me from above.

Everyday I  wish that when the day shall come,

that your with me in heaven back on the field where we become. 

The End

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