When I wrote this poem, I was dealing some very strong emotions. I feel that I write best when I'm very emotional. So, when I finished this poem, I thought that it was just going to stay in my portfolio for the rest of my life. Well, I was entering a writing contest this year and thought, "Well, I'll just put it in for the heck of it." Well, I guess the judges thought that it needed to see something other than the inside of my portfolio because I won the second place position for the poetry part.

This meaning has a reason,

A reason in my heart

For all the pain

And no gain,

For all the lies

And tears we cried.


That's forever, right?

I'll hold your hand if you'll hold mine,

And together we stand

Side by side-

A bottomless drop,

A sinking heart.

If you jump,

I'll jump.


That's forever, right?

With a shake of my head,

I glimpse at

My past,

My future,

My Life.

With shaky hands and bending knees,

We start our count to three.

One, a tear creeps down my cheek.

Two, a heavy heart between my knees.

Three, I let go of her hand,

But it's already too late because


That's forever,


The End

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