Today You're At My Mercy

Writing dulls my anger, which is how this came out. Anyways, please leave a comment, they always make me smile.

Heaven’s angels, come down here,

Light a match, light some fear,

Hellfire, come on up,

Fill that glass, raise that cup,

You know that I watch the bridges

Collapse every night, create ridges

In this perfect illusion. ‘Cause I’d

Kill this picture, I’d watch as it died,

Shatter the glass to observe as it fell.

When I finally pull the trigger, I’ll hear the bell

Of the church chiming for the noonday prayers.

And I’ll see the horrifying sun flares

As our world slowly falls to pieces.

The ringing never ceases,

But nor do the flames. The angels got

Here too late, the iron wrought

Gates have already closed, and the Devil

Has made her home here. I revel

In the sweet fire of revenge, because you

Know, oh yes, you’ll know because my view

Is distorted, and I’m terrified. I’m not

Crazy, I promise, it’s just that you’ve never fought

Me. Today you’re at my mercy, after all,

And scream all you want, nobody will hear when I maul

Your not-so-innocent little hearts to bits.

You better run, lil’ birdie, you’ve lost your wits,

And you can’t hide from a sister’s wrath.

There’s no road you can take, no path

That will spare you, ‘cause no matter how tough

You are, you’ll be introduced to Tartarus soon enough.

I am not someone to be taken lightly.

I am a force to be reckoned with, hardly knightly,

And I’m the kind of person to light the city on fire

Just to watch it burn. I have no pity for my ancestors, briar

Yew and pine, it’s time for them to turn to ashes

And heal old wounds, like my sister’s gashes.

I am powerful, do not doubt me,

Give me a match and leave me be.

Today you’re at my mercy, beg all

You want, I’m ready for a brawl.

After everything, I’ll get by,

You’ll never see me cry.

The End

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